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Bryson Heroes Tours brings you the best of East Africa. We are one of the region's top providers of mountain climbing expeditions, wildlife safaris, car hire, beach holidays and hotel/lodge reservations. Formerly known as Bryson Adventures, we have the same staff, ownership and commitment to service. We are based in Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania and are entirely Tanzanian owned and operated. In addition to Tanzanian adventure travel, we also operate safaris and climbs in Kenya. We welcome you to explore our website and invite you to visit all the wonders that East Africa has to offer though Bryson Heroes Tours Ltd.

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Should I worry About Ebola?

Ebola should be taken seriously, but Africa is much bigger than most people think. As of 15 October 2014, there is no Ebola in East Africa. The closest cases are in Nigeria which is over 4000 km (2600 miles) away. In perspective, that is farther than from Orlando, Florida to Seattle, Washington. Farther than Lisbon, Portugal from Moscow, Russia. About the same distance as Darwin, Australia from Phuket, Thailand.

There is almost no overland travel between West Africa and East Africa, only air travel. That means that East Africa is no more of a threat than anywhere else in the world. Indeed, cases of ebola have been reported in Europe and America, but none in East Africa.

We do always recommend that clients purchase travel insurance. If during the course of your trip planning it becomes a threat to travel, the insurance will recover the cost.


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